The Big O

Roger Smith: People are not ruled by their memories.

Alan Gabriel: Destroying pretty dolls is always entertaining. But it'll be so difficult to match the pleasure I'll get, from destroying a work of art like you.

Roger Smith: Well, I do have some household rules, Dorothy, and while living here you're obligated to observe every one of them.
R. Dorothy Wayneright: What kind of rules?
Roger Smith: The first one is a rule that even I follow. If you stay here, then you wear black.
R. Dorothy Wayneright: Your sense of fashion, Roger... really reeks.

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Question: Can someone PLEASE explain the ending? The whole show was pretty confusing, particularly why everything disappeared at the end, why people lost their memories, etc.


Chosen answer: The show was originally planned to have a second season, but then it was dropped because of low ratings in Japan, thus the abrupt ending leaving everything unexplained and out in the open. Still, the show was so popular on TV in the US that The Cartoon Network decided to finance the production of the second season, which is right now coming out on DVD (I think the first three volumes are already out). This should end up tying everything nicely.


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