Factual error: The race ends at Damascus, which is nowhere near the ocean, yet is placed on the seacoast.

Continuity mistake: In the final leg of the race, after Frank has taken the saddle off of Hidalgo, there are many shots of Frank riding Hidalgo. In one of the slightly wider shots that shows Frank, Hidalgo's back, and Hidalgo's neck, you can see the back of an English saddle under Frank's butt, even though he's supposed to be riding bareback.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the race, Hidalgo collapses and there is blood in his nose. Then, when Hidalgo has gotten up and is running full out towards the finish line, there is no blood there at all. In the next shot, there is a pinkish trickle of blood that goes about to Hidalgo's chin.

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Trivia: Viggo Mortensen liked the horse that was used in the movie so much that he bought it.

Frank T. Hopkins: Get out of here mister. Leave me be.
Yusef: This is not possible...I was charged with the crime of stealing milk. As punishment I have been assigned to the American and his horse.
Frank T. Hopkins: You're working for me?
Yusef: It was this or be removed of my left hand. The future will tell if I have chosen poorly.

Frank T. Hopkins: Nobody hurts my horse.

Aziz: What shall I tell his Excellency?
Frank T. Hopkins: You can tell him pound sand for all I care.

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Question: How do the people not racing always seem to get to the destination first?

Answer: They take the camel roads, which are easier (and faster) to navigate.


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