The Shop Around the Corner

Continuity mistake: As he is talking, Jimmy Stewart is writing on small boxes and placing them in a pile. He sets one down, and when the camera changes, he's suddenly got one in his hand again.


Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Kralik is showing Mr. Pirovitch his letter, in the first shot Kralik is holding one page in his right hand and the rest of the pages in his left. The immediate close up shows all the papers in one pile, held by both hands.


Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: Outside the store, when Pirovitch runs to open the cab door for Vadas, Pirovitch's cigar moves instantly from being held in his mouth to in his hand.

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Question: When Mr. Matuschek is recovering in the hospital and explaining to Mr. Kralik why he suspected him of having an affair with his wife, he mentions having received an anonymous letter warning him of his wife's infidelity. But who sent the letter? To all appearances, the errand boy Pepi seems to know everything that is going on, or nearly so. He doesn't know the cad is Mr. Vadas, but he probably has a good idea about what is going on from Mrs. Matuschek's phone calls. Still, the author of the anonymous letter to Mr. Matuschek is never revealed. Or is he?




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