Revealing mistake: Anytime there is a fight, the hits hardly come close to making contact, but the sound effect is still there.

T Poston

Visible crew/equipment: When Dolemite and Queen Bee are in the dojo seeing the girls fight. Right when they enter the door, they have a conversation and the boom mike is visible at the top until they finish their conversation. Seen on DVD.

T Poston

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Dolemite is talking to the Hamburger Pimp, almost the whole boom mike is visible when they are first walking towards each other.

T Poston
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Creeper: Yeah, I'm so bad, I kick my own ass twice a day. Shit, you ain't sayin' nothin'.

Dolemite: That rat-soup-eatin', insecure honky motherfucker.

Dolemite: You no-business, born-insecure, junkyard motherfucker.

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