Visible crew/equipment: When Isabel Jeans is telephoned by Madame Alvarez and told that Gigi has refused Gaston's advances, she gets out of bed and walks across the bedroom. As she passes a cheval (full length) mirror a pair of retreating jean-clad legs and a hand feeding out cable can be seen in the reflection.

Continuity mistake: When Gaston is not allowed to take Gigi out for tea, Madame Alvarez tells him to sit down. As he is seating himself, he unbuttons his jacket. A moment later, he stands up and unbuttons his jacket again.

Jon Nicholas

Honore Lachaille: Youth is the thing, Gaston. Youth. Stay close to the young and a little rubs off.

Honore Lachaille: Think of lunch beneath the trees.
Gaston Lachaille: Stop the carriage, if you please.
Honore Lachaille: You mean you don't want to come?
Gaston Lachaille: The thought of lunch leaves me numb.
Honore Lachaille: But I implore....
Gaston Lachaille: Oh, no, Uncle! It's a bore.

Aunt Alicia: Love is eternal spring in an eternal garden.
Madame Alvarez: And when eternal spring is over?
Aunt Alicia: Oh, what difference does that make?
Madame Alvarez: It makes a great deal of difference to Gigi. And may I tell you something? I am not so sure that I disagree with her.

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