Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke

Continuity mistake: When Cheech stops to pick up Chong, the driver's window is down. A moment later, it's up.

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Revealing mistake: When Cheech and Chong are parked in their car smoking a joint, the car is filled with smoke. The smoke must come from a smoke machine outside as it is moving around very fast as if blown by the wind. (00:13:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Cheech is turning over his car to pick up Chong you see him starting to turn over before he reach Chong. When it cuts Cheech has passed Chong before turning over. (00:07:40)

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Curtis: This shit is so bad, it'll put a hump on a camel's back.

Border Guard: So, how long you've been in Mexico?
Pedro: A week. I mean a day.
Border Guard: Well, which is it? A week or a day?
Pedro: A weekday.

Man: You wanna get high man?
Pedro: Does Howdy Doody got wooden Balls man?

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