Dead Bang

Continuity mistake: When Beck meets Webly on Christmas Day, Webly takes his glasses off and throws them on the desk, but in the next shot (from behind) he is still wearing them.


Continuity mistake: When the patrolman is killed at the start of the film, 8 shots are fired. The first is fired with the pistol inches from the center of his chest while he is standing. The remaining seven are fired while he is lying on the ground (gun is pointed down at the ground where the unseen policeman lies). The shooter then runs off. Yet when the scene is investigated, there are five bullet holes in the rear door of the police car, all below waist level.

00:07:40 - 00:08:40


Continuity mistake: When John is shot in the neck, he falls to the ground near his brother. Watching the fall, it's obvious he falls so that his dead brother's head is about even with John's chest. But the overhead shot shows John's head is even with his brother's abdomen.



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