Bananas (1971)

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Audio problem: When Woody Allen is driving in his car, he is talking to himself. In the next shot, when the car is shown farther away, you can still hear his voice talking, but his mouth isn't moving.

Continuity mistake: The camera pans over the porno mags Fielding will be perusing, but when he actually starts to look them over, the magazines have changed positions from the original shot of them.


Continuity mistake: Before Nancy is at the door, Fielding makes a mess on his kitchen floor with the frozen food. Immediately after Nancy enter his apartment, the view from his living room shows no mess on the floor.


Trivia: When Fielding is riding the subway, check out one of the punks that attacks the subway passengers - it is Sylvester Stallone in an uncredited role.


Fielding Mellish: Just how long will it be until I can go back to New York?
Esposito: After we win the revolution, we are free.
Fielding Mellish: And when is the revolution?
Esposito: Six months.
Fielding Mellish: Six months? I got a rented car.

Fielding Mellish: You cannot bash in the head of an American citizen without written permission from the State Department.

Nancy: I was just saying to someone the other day that the Scandinavians seem to have such an instinctive feel for the human condition.
Fielding Mellish: That's very wise, you know. That's, I think, pithy.
Nancy: Oh, it was a - pithy. It had... great pith.
Fielding Mellish: Yeth. Pith.
Nancy: Pith?

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