Slacker (1991)

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Continuity mistake: As the cops are taking the Hit and Run Son away, notice he his carrying a red plaid tote bag. Later in the movie, it miraculously appears in the possession of Still Working on the Same Painting. It can be plainly seen as she and her friend, Having a Day, are walking into the city sunset.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene of the movie he gets off the bus and gets into taxi number 3 which has whitewall tires front and rear and no sign on the rear door. He talks to the driver for approx. 5 minutes, then they stop. When he gets out of the taxi, it is no longer number 3 but is now number 38, which has a blackwall tire on the front, whitewall on the rear, and a "no smoking" sign on the door.

Video Interviewer: So, did you vote in the most recent election?
Hitchhiker: Hell, no... I've got less important things to do.

Disgruntled Grad Student: Every action is a positive action, even if it has a negative result.

Dairy Queen Photographer: So, what? Do you fancy yourself as some sort of artist or what?
Anti-Artist: No, I'm an anti-artist.
Dairy Queen Photographer: Oooooh, one of those neo-poseur types that hangs out in coffee shops, and... doesn't do much of anything. Yeah.

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