Blind Fury

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning Rutger Hauer cuts off a police officer's hand with his sword, for a split second afterwards you can see the officer turning away with both hands clearly intact. The scene happens right after the young kid's mother is killed.

Revealing mistake: When Nick cuts in half Tex, if you see closely the hair of Tex changes length showing the stuntman.

Continuity mistake: When MacCready desperately asks Cobb to get Bruce Lee or his brother, to help them solving the actual situation with blind man Nick Parker, it can be seen in a few shots that Cobb has his hair cut shorter, looking different, denoting that the scene was shot afterwards, once they edited the movie.

Alex Marin

Billy Devereaux: I get the window seat! You don't need it, you're blind.
Nick Parker: Got me there, you little prick.

MacCready: I don't wanna hear about this blind man! What are you doing? Taking the stuff we're supposed to be selling?
Cobb: No, I.
MacCready: Oh, shut up, Ed! If you can't handle it, get me somebody who can! Get me Bruce Lee.
Cobb: Bruce Lee is dead.
MacCready: Then get his brother.

Nick Parker: Unreasonable men make life so difficult.

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