The Banger Sisters

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hannah gives her valedictorian speech at the end of the movie, she congratulates the 2002 graduates, but the tassel on her mortar board says 2001.


Continuity mistake: When Goldie Hawn is in the bathtub, and Harry answers the phone, as she turns on her back in the tub you can see that she is wearing a black bra when the bubbles move back.

Continuity mistake: When Lavinia is approaching Suzette with the rake, Suzette moves the S on her necklace up so it's visible. In the next shot it's not visible. It continues to change throughout the scene.

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Suzette: Ever heard of Frank Zappa?
Harry: Sure. The Mothers of Invention.
Suzette: Wow. Very good Harry. Well, he named us. The Banger Sisters.
Harry: But you weren't really sisters.
Suzette: No.
Harry: Good 'cause I wouldn't have been comfortable if you were sisters.
Suzette: You're not comfortable now, Harry.

Suzette: Vinnie, stop it. Okay? 'Cause you're going right up your own asshole, and I don't feel like following.

Suzette: Do the dishes you wash you dry.
Ginger: Rosa does them.
Suzette: Rosa who?
Ginger: I dunno.
Suzette: You have people wiping your ass and you don't even know their name.

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