Aspen Extreme

Aspen Extreme (1993)

Continuity mistake: In the locker room, after Dex's death, TJ punches Franz. Karl comes into the locker room and tells TJ to go home. However, a few seconds before the punch we see Karl come into the room point at Franz and say something. You can't hear it because the audio of his line was deleted.

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Continuity mistake: When T.J. goes out of bounds, wearing Dexter's hat, and is being chased by the ski patrol, he falls and loses the hat. A moment later, just before stopping at the frozen waterfall, you can see T.J. wearing the hat, but it is gone again when he reaches the waterfall.

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Continuity mistake: We know TJ and Dexter were in Aspen at least two years before TJ wins the competition, because on Dexter's last run, he says "I've been following you around this town for two years...." and the first winter that the two instructors are there, the ski patrol is identifying the two Germans to them and said they had won the last 3 times, so by the time TJ and Todd won, they would have broken a string of 5 wins by the Germans but the announcer tells the crowd the Germans won only 3 times.

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