Flight of the Intruder

Continuity mistake: During the catapult launch for the SAM suppression mission, we can see two Shrike missiles on the right wing pylons. In the next shot, there is only one. At this point they still haven't reached the SAM site so they wouldn't need to fire one. A little later in another shot (right before they switch to active radar) we see two Shrikes again.

Factual error: The movie states that it's set 7 years after the US became involved in the war. This would make it about 1968. When Brad Johnson and the girl are dancing, the song "Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" by Johnny Rivers was playing, which was not released until 1972.


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Suggested correction: The US officially became involved in 1965 not 1961...1965+7=1972.

Steve Kozak

Factual error: Glover's shoulder boards at end of movie are for commander, not captain.

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Suggested correction: It's stated he was selected for captain. He is still the rank of commander until he is officially promoted. Being selected doesn't mean he has been promoted yet, no different than being promoted at work. If it's May 1st and you get promoted to a higher position effective July 1st, it doesn't mean you are the title you have been promoted to until you officially begin in that position.

Steve Kozak

Cdr. Camparelli: But if I catch either one of you shitting in some vital area on my ship, I will have you keelhauled! And that's serious on an aircraft carrier.

Lt. Jake Grafton: I hear you've been selected early for Captain. They've going to give you your own boat, maybe even a carrier. And I wouldn't be surprised if you made Admiral.
Cdr. Camparelli: Have you ever seen a black man who's an Admiral?
Lt. Jake Grafton: Hey. Third-Generation Mafia, sir.
Cdr. Camparelli: That's right, Mr. Grafton.

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