Bounce (2000)

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Continuity mistake: Ben Affleck has a large tattoo on his right shoulder/bicep that has been covered up by make-up for the movie. During the 'waterpark' scene Ben is wearing a T-shirt and when he scoops the little boy out of the water and lifts him into the air the sleeve of his shirt pulls back a little and you can clearly see the bottom of his armband tattoo.

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Continuity mistake: Abby's hair colour changes between two different shades throughout the film, one much darker than the other. The most noticeable instance: In the scene where she and Ben's character make love for the first time, it changes from light to dark between his living room and the bedroom.

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Continuity mistake: When Abby is about to make her "big realty deal" she has her hair in a pony tail with a piece of hair wrapped around where the rubber band would be. At first her hair is sticking up, pretty noticeably, then a couple seconds later, it's perfect and not sticking up, then sticking up again.

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