Everybody's All American

Factual error: During Gavin Grey's first NFL game in 1957, the helmets depicted for both the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers are historically inaccurate. The Redskins did not employ the burgundy helmets with the feather-stripe running along the center until 1958, and the Steelers didn't use black helmets with the Steelmark logo until 1963. In 1957, the Redskins used solid gold helmets while the Steelers used yellow helmets with a black stripe along the center and black numerals on either side.

Continuity mistake: When Lawrence and Cake are in the bar talking about the arrest of Blue, the beer in front of Cake goes from full with a full head, to half empty, to full without a head, to full with a head.

Factual error: In the scene where Gavin makes his comeback with the Denver Broncos, one of his opponents is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gavin was inspired to join the AFL's Broncos after watching the Jets victory in Super Bowl 3. That Super Bowl was for the 1968 season so its safe to say Gavin's comeback with Denver was in the 1969 season. The AFL and NFL didn't merge until the 1970 season and in 1969 the Steelers were part of the NFL. Therefore, there is no way the Broncos and Steelers would have played each other during the season of Gavin's comeback.

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