The Kid

Continuity mistake: In the underground garage scene with Russ, Rusty and Janet, Rusty's hair is combed straight down and very neat when he comes out from behind the pillar. When Janet says, "I should have worn my magic bra and panties.", Rusty starts laughing and his hair is messed up. But then when Rusty is snapping his seat belt as he's sitting in the Porsche, his hair is back to being neat.

Sheri Hartman

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Russ is driving to make up with the girl, the streets look very wet, as if it had recently rained. Yet, when he pulls into the driveway, that cement is totally dry.

Continuity mistake: When Russ and Rusty come out of the tunnel (with red airplane), Russ pulls off the road because their car, clothes, etc. have gone back to 1968. As they are pulling off onto the dirt, they stop just past a pickup truck with a motorcycle next to it. The next shot of the area show Russ sitting up on the back of the seat while the camera pans the area. The pickup truck and motorcycle have disappeared.

Sheri Hartman

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Trivia: Daniel von Bargen plays Bruce Willis' father in the movie, even though in real life he's only five years older than Willis.

Trivia: When Russ is talking to Amy, you can hear a Wilhelm scream on the television Rusty is watching.

Rusty Duritz: Holy smokes... 99 channels and there's nothing on.

Russ Duritz: Toshiya, let me ask you something. If you get called a jerk four times in a single day, does that make it true?
Amy: What, only four? Did you get up late?
Russ Duritz: Excuse me, I'm asking Toshiya.
Toshia: Four times is a pattern. It have to be five times to be a fact.
Russ Duritz: Thank you. See? There's hope after all.
Amy: Jerk.

Rusty Duritz: Isn't it cool we both have to go to the bathroom at the same time?
Russ Duritz: Yes. I'll cherish this moment for a lifetime.

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