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Corrected entry: When Russ, Rusty and Janet are in an underground parking garage, you can see Russ's black Porsche in the very near background and the back very close to a blue dumpster as Russ talks to Janet. As they start to move towards Rusty, the shot shows them all still fairly close together. As Russ finishes saying, "This is me at age eight," the shot switches to them almost in front of Rusty but they are now quite a long way away from the Porsche.

Correction: The Porsche doesn't change position, and Russ and Janet are only close to it until the move towards Rusty. We see them walk close to Rusty and away from the Porsche and the distance doesn't change for the rest of the scene.


Corrected entry: Whenever the adult Russ and little Russ are eating, adult Russ is left-handed and little Russ is right-handed.

Correction: Russ may be ambidextrous. Some ambidextrous people, like myself, eat with a different hand when they're younger then when they get older switch what hand they eat with. When I was 8 I used to eat with my right hand, now being 14 I eat with my left.

Corrected entry: When Russ calls Janette after he sees Rusty for the first time, he says it is 3:00 AM. When he gets off the phone, he implies that he will get up at 6:00. However, Rusty comes for his model airplane before Russ gets up. How many 8 year olds do you know that will get up at 5:00 AM to get something? He could've just come the next day.

Correction: The plane was gone already. Rusty somehow knew this guy had it and Rusty probebly thinks he stole it. Rusty knows that a theif will not just give something back if you ask so Rusty would need to take it back without the theif noticing him doing it. The best way to do this would be to do it while Russ is asleep, most people are already asleep by 3am so this was a good time to go but since Rusty saw it apparently wasn't when the car pulled up he came back a little bit later to try again. So he only got early to get his favorite toy back. Most 8 year olds would do this for their favorite toy.

Corrected entry: You can see that the adult Russ has brown eyes, but Russ as a child has shining blue eyes. If you see them next to each other, in the same light, they still have different eye-colour. Wouldn't adult Russ have kept the eye-colour he had when he was eight?

Correction: Blue eyed children can grow up to be brown eyed adults.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Russ is driving to make up with the girl, the streets look very wet, as if it had recently rained. Yet, when he pulls into the driveway, that cement is totally dry.

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Rusty Duritz: Holy smokes... 99 channels and there's nothing on.

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Trivia: When Russ is talking to Amy, you can hear a Wilhelm scream on the television Rusty is watching.

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