Island of Lost Souls

Visible crew/equipment: When Dr Moreau is showing Parker his plant experiments there is a moment, just after Moreau says "That's one there", when the camera moves past a pillar and the shadow of some equipment is cast on the pillar. (00:30:28)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: When the Panther woman sneaks up on Parker while he's reading a book, between shots he takes his pipe out of his mouth twice. (00:39:04)

Jack Vaughan

Audio problem: When Montgomery, Parker and Ruth find Lota (The Panther Woman) dead, Montgomery says they should leave her body and escape. Parker turns to him and he makes some kind of objection however there is no audio. (01:08:40)

Jack Vaughan

Dr. Moreau: I can't have this man. I can't have him aboard.
Captain Davies: Well, throw him overboard. That's what I did.

Dr. Moreau: Mr. Parker, do you know what it means to feel like God?

Dr. Moreau: Have you forgotten the house of pain?
Sayer of the Law: You! You made us in the house of pain! You made us... things! Not men! Not beasts! Part man... part beast! Things.

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