The Addams Family

Plot hole: Throughout the movie, the behaviour of the gate does not seem quite consistent; Gomez has to feed meat to it to distract it to let the camera crew out...but they came in just fine and on their own. Same for the angry mob at the end.

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Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Morticia wakes up tapping the van-shaped alarm clock. The emergency light in the following wider angle is casting a red shade on the table by the vehicle, something that was not happening at all in the close-up. (00:00:45)

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Other mistake: The villagers cut the Addams' escape path demolishing the bridge using a flaming projectile from a catapult. Gomez looked towards the bridge (and we as audience got a clean view too) and there was nobody in sight; how did not just a small crowd but also a large mechanical weapon materialize so suddenly? With a fire that would have cast a light in the dark, even. (00:03:30)

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Morticia: Is everyone all right? No limbs missing that weren't missing before you arrived? (01:14:00)

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Trailer not working?

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