Other mistake: The top Italian goalkeeper in the game is "Zino Hernandez", wrong transliteration; the katakana used for the sound Zi and Ji is the same, but between the non-existant "Zino" and the very common name"Gino" the choice should be obvious (not that Hernandez is a typical Italian last name, but it's a possibility and a choice mutuated from the manga).

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Other mistake: In Story Mode, the first chapter of the World Youth segment has a Shingo Aoi mission titled "In Italy, they call him 'El Principe del Sole' ." No they would not!"El" is Spanish, the definite article in italian is "il." Il Principe del Sole, is how they would call him.

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Other mistake: In the World Youth (part I) story mode section, during the cutscene going by the title "Sao Paulo try-outs" there's dialogue between Roberto Hongo and Tsubasa where the two lines "This will be my first step... in Brazilian football" come from Brazilian coach and former star-player Roberto's mouth, when it's Tsubasa that should say it, being a Japanese youngster who just arrived in Brazil. The cutscene even ends with an artwork of Tsubasa saying that very same sentence.

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