Switched at Birth

Street Noises Invade the House - S1-E30

Visible crew/equipment: While Regina and Daphne are talking in the courthouse bathroom about Jeff, in the wideshots facing Regina we can see the actor's yellow tape mark on the floor, near the door. This tape mark was not there in the earlier shot, when Regina walked in. (00:16:45)

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The Declaration of Independence - S1-E27

Visible crew/equipment: When Jeff walks into the restaurant kitchen and finds Daphne waiting for him, in two wideshots facing Jeff the actor's green tape mark can be seen on the floor, in front of his foot. (00:40:05)

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The Persistence of Memory - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: While Bay and Emmett are looking for the guitar case in the garage, when Bay finds the briefcase and sets it down in front of her, we can see the T-mark on the floor behind Emmett. (00:33:55)

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