Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Continuity mistake: When Claire and Franklin are in the rolling sphere, the door closes and locks. In the next shot, it closes and locks again.

Revealing mistake: The cage housing the Indoraptor during the initial reveal with Maisie was later used as the same hallway Maisie ran down when meeting Owen for the first time. Instead of a cage, it led to a dead end with a dumbwaiter. All bars and floor markings vanished.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Franklin and Claire are trying to escape the Baryonyx, they use a chair to climb onto the ladder. When the ladder falls, however, the chair is gone.

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Trivia: The way that the Indoraptor portrays itself behind the window and touches the floor with its claw in Maisie's room is a nod to the original Jurassic Park.


Trivia: According to Director J.A. Bayona the opening scene is inspired by James Bond films which always open with an action sequence.


Trivia: There is a post credit scene with some Pteranodons in Las Vegas.


New this week
Ian Malcolm: Welcome... to Jurassic World.

Senator Sherwood: Do these animals deserve the same protection given to other species? Or should they just be left to die?
Ian Malcolm: These creatures were here before us. And if we're not careful... they're going to be here after. Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life... finds a way.

Claire Dearing: Take care.
Owen Grady: If I don't make it back, remember you're the one who made me come here. I'll be all right.

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