All the Money in the World

Trivia: Christopher Plummer earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance as J. Paul Getty. At the age of 88, Plummer is the oldest acting Oscar nominee.

Trivia: Kevin Spacey originally starred in the film. However, after sexual harassment allegations were leveled against him, most of his scenes were re-filmed with Christopher Plummer, costing the production almost $10 million. Spacey reportedly only appears in the finished film in one scene, and even then, only in wide-shots where his face can not be made out.


Playboy Interviewer: It's been reported that you're the first man in history with a fortune in excess of a billion dollars.
J. Paul Getty: I have no idea. But, if you can count your money you're not a billionaire.

J. Paul Getty: They say you never really know someone until you have divorced them.
Fletcher Chase: I wish I knew that three marriages ago.

J. Paul Getty: A man who has children gives hostages to fortune.

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