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Continuity mistake: When Barnum goes to see Charity by the beach at the end of the film, they embrace. As the camera shows a close up of their faces Charity's head is on Barnum's right shoulder, but when they reverse the shot to show her expression she is now on his left shoulder. (01:30:10)

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Deliberate mistake: At the end when PT hands over his top hat to Philip, Philip has a coat with tails. They disappear during his number. In fact they disappear mid-shot - he runs onstage and they're there when he starts sliding, but disappear in the split second he's behind a woman in a purple dress. (01:34:25)

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New this month Suggested correction: This is not a mistake or slip-up of any kind. This shot was cut seamlessly and quite beautifully. It's a rather poignant moment, done creatively to be symbolic of Phillip's new role as the Ringmaster. Phillip rushes to the ring wearing Barnum's top hat and carrying his cane. So as Phillip slides into the ring he's actually sliding into his new role, and his simple old coat with tails transforms into a Ringmaster's elaborate coat. Phillip's new coat has full frontal gold frogging, two gold braid epaulettes, embellished black/gold accented collar and sleeve cuffs, and gold braid trim. This is an artistically brilliant shot, not a mistake at all.

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The Greatest Showman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jenny Lind is first introduced and is walking in, she doesn't have gloves on. When PT Barnum and Phillip Carlyle kiss her hand she's wearing formal gloves. (00:44:35)

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P.T. Barnum: No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

P.T. Barnum: Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

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P.T. Barnum: The noblest art is that of making others happy.

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Question: Why was Zendaya considered as one of the "freaks" (like they called them), even though she looked normal?

Answer: Her brother said people of the time didn't want to see colored people on the stage. It's clear throughout the entire movie that she faces undue discrimination from the public just for not being white.

Answer: I'm pretty sure because she was a person of colour.

Answer: There were other people in the circus who were just normal but had amazing abilities.

She was half black and half white.

Question: So, where do P.T. Barnum, Charity, and their daughters live by the end of the movie? Do they get their mansion back?

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Answer: It doesn't tell.

Question: Why couldn't young P. T. Barnum or his father retaliate against Charity's father for striking him?

Answer: In those days that would be a normal punishment for P.T.'s behaviour. His father could have said something but did not want to lose a customer. P.T. also did not want his father to lose a customer because they knew getting money was worth taking the hit. If they had enough money to miss one customer it may have been different.


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