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Joe Bang: I am in-car-ce-ra-ted.

Question: What was the purpose of Channing Tatum preventing the gate from opening?

Answer: Jamming the gate by blocking the sensor delayed Joe Bang's brothers long enough for Mellie to come and collect some bags full of cash. Jimmy specifically did not trust them to know his entire plan. This part of the ruse allowed them to steal a separate stash of money so they could pretend to return the stolen money, whilst secretly keeping some to distribute later.

Question: Why, in the credits and trailers, does it say "and introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang"? Isn't introducing used for new actors, not really famous ones?

Chosen answer: Established actors are not normally listed in the cast credits this way. This appears to have been done as an inside joke.

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Question: What was the deal with the woman in the bank? Why did she get a bag of money at the end of the movie?

Chosen answer: Thanks to her, the group was able to measure the vault in which all the money from the race would be stored, as to know distances and the amount of garbage bags to bring and to ensure the shortest time possible. So they gave her the money for aiding them without her knowing.

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