The Boss Baby

Continuity mistake: When Tim and the baby are tugging over the tablecloth, Tim's meal and drink have vanished from the table.

Continuity mistake: When The Boss Baby gets out from the taxi, the camera angle shows that there's a lot of leaves dropped from the tree above it, however, 2 or 3 scenes later, when he's dancing, there's one scene where the camera zooms on half of his face and the leaves that were dropped earlier are gone.

Continuity mistake: When the Boss Baby and Tim are on the airplane Tim plays with a Pez dispenser. The Pez dispenser is red, but when Tim picks it up off the floor it is blue.

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Trivia: At Puppy Co, Tim and the baby climb out of the back of the giant inflatable dog. This is from Ace Ventura 2 when Jim Carrey climbed out the back of an animatronic rhino.

Boss Baby: I can't do this without you.
Tim: Yeah, we do make a pretty good team.
Boss Baby: No really... I can't reach the doorknobs.

Boss Baby: Fart poop doodie.

Tim: You can talk!
Boss Baby: Ah, goo goo ga ga.
Tim: No, you can really talk!
Boss Baby: Fine! I can talk. Now let's see if you can listen. Give me a double espresso and find a place around here with good sushi, I'd KILL for a spicy tuna roll right about now.

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Question: I find the logic in this movie confusing! How can the mom be pregnant with Boss Baby while he's in Baby Corp? How did he get out of the taxi walking and dancing to the door without the parents noticing yet enter the house with him in their arms? Are babies Suzie, the triplets, and Jimbo also from Baby Corp since they talk and act like Boss Baby? If Suzie is from Baby Corp, would she lose her formula after being "accepted" into kindergarten with a picture of a smiley face? If the Boss Baby quits his job to be part of the Templeton family again, wouldn't he have ended up with some other family unintentionally? Finally, if the Boss Baby came back as a regular baby, why wasn't the mom pregnant?

Answer: Tim is shown to have an extremely active imagination, so he probably just imagined the whole Baby Corp and Puppy Co plots as a way of dealing with the arrival of a new (real) baby brother.

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