Men in War

Men in War (1957)

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Revealing mistake: A blank firing adaptor (BFA) is visible on the muzzle as the men set up the .30 caliber machinegun.


Audio problem: The Sergeant is calling "Sunrise 6" on his radio hand mic, then tucks away the mic to scan the mountain with binoculars, but his voice is still calling Sunrise 6.


Continuity mistake: The flowers Sgt. Killian places in his helmet's netting change from fresh to wilted several times as the scenes change.

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Trivia: A young Vic Morrow plays a green soldier in this film. A few years later he will be leading his own squad as a veteran sergeant in the TV series "Combat."


Lt. Benson: Battalion doesn't exist. Regiment doesn't exist. Command HQ doesn't exist. The U.S.A. doesn't exist... We're the only ones left to fight this war.

Lt. Benson: You know, I feel sorry for you, Montana. You got nobody now but me.

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