Hail, Caesar!

Factual error: The main character is being wooed by Lockheed - an aircraft company, whose representative then gives him gifts for his kids - one of which is a desk model of an aircraft, however it is of an aircraft produced by one of Lockheed's competitors - Grumman, which would be akin to a GM rep giving a toy Ford Mustang as a gift. Both companies continue to remain competitors as Lockheed-Martin and Northrop-Grumman since the government vetoed a proposed merger back in 1998, and at no time have the two companies collaborated on a major project.

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Plot hole: When Eddie Mannix first views scenes from the movie Hail Ceasar there is a scene depicting Saul of Tarsus (St Paul), but the movie-in-movie's climatic scene and speech are set at the crucifixion of Jesus which happened several years before the events depicted as happening to Saul / Paul.

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Jay Mallone

Factual error: The opening credits for Lazy Ol' Moon show a copyright of 1951, and says it is in VistaVision. VistaVision was not introduced until 1954.

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More mistakes in Hail, Caesar!

Baird Whitlock: Hey, Obie. You're a Communist, too?

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Carlotta Valdez: It's all in the hips, the lips, and the eyes and the teeth.

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