Kitty Kornered

Kitty Kornered (1946)

Directed by: Robert Clampett

Starring: Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When we see the cats lounging around, the bottle the drunken cat is holding has nothing on the label, but in the next shot it now reads "Arsenic and Old Grapes."

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Continuity mistake: When Porky is thrown out of the house, the cat next to him has yellow eyes, but in the next shot they are white.

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Continuity mistake: When the cats are fleeing after hearing "Lassie", you can see that the front door has molding on it. But when the kitten lowers the doorknob to jump through the keyhole, the door is plain. In the next shot, when the drunk cat dives for where the doorknob was and hits the door, the molding is back, and when he falls to the floor in the next shot, the door is plain again.

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