Grace of Monaco

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, Nicole Kidman's hair changes color. In one particular dinner scene, her hair is everything from light blonde, to dark blonde, to red.

Grace: Do you believe in fairytales, Tuck?
Francis Tucker: No, I believe in "happily ever after."

Prince Rainier: My family, my country has known conflict, and we've chosen to reject it, because that is not the future of Europe, gentlemen. The future is business for the sake of business. Not for the sake of government - and certainly not for the sake of de Gaulle's empire. If you value your liberty, then you, too, should understand that all tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for men of conscience to remain silent.

Count Fernando D'Aillieres: You must know exactly where to place each of these individuals in the pecking order, because almost every single one of them makes a profession to flatter and deceive.
Grace: So how will I know who to trust?
Count Fernando D'Aillieres: You won't. You're the Princess in Europe's oldest court, the target of all those hidden agendas. To rule is such a privilege.
Count Fernando D'Aillieres: It's another role for you to play.

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