Hare Tonic

Hare Tonic (1945)

Directed by: Chuck Jones

Genres: Animated, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd is on the telephone to the operator, you can see that he is at the far end of the lounge and there is a pattern on the wall, but when Bugs Bunny sneaks in behind the radio, Elmer is now positioned near the corner of the room and there's no pattern. 2 lamps also appear by the archway.

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Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny is standing by the door with a pot stuck on him, you can see that the door has a handle and panels on it, but when we see Elmer Fudd behind the door later on, the panels and handle have disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: Elmer Fudd is standing by the door when he reads the sign on it, but when we see Bugs Bunny in the next shot, Elmer is nowhere to be seen. The style of the words "No One" also changes between shots, as does the doorhandle.

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