The Band Concert

Continuity mistake: When Mickey Mouse is preparing to start the concert, you can see that he has a music book on the stand in front of him. When the band start playing in the next shot, the book has disappeared, and in the shot after that, it is back again.

Continuity mistake: When we see Mickey Mouse's band at the start of the cartoon, look at the stand where Mickey is and you can see there is a small brown box with nothing around it. But when the camera pans in on the band in the next shot, there is now a piece of paper next to the box and on the box as well.

Continuity mistake: When Donald Duck sees the band performing, he drops the bag of peanuts and you can see it is by his vendor cart, but when he crashes into the cart later on, the bag has disappeared.

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Trivia: "The Band Concert" was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon made in colour.

Trivia: The tune that Donald Duck is playing on his flute is "Turkey in the Straw", which was played by Mickey Mouse in a previous Walt Disney cartoon, "Steamboat Willie" (1928).

Trivia: Even though this is a Mickey Mouse cartoon, he doesn't have a single line of dialogue.

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