Beau Hunks

Continuity mistake: When the Riffian finds Stan and Oliver in the store cupboard, he stands on some tacks and you can see he drops his knife in the process, but when we see the Riffian a few seconds later, the knife is now back in his hand.

New this month Continuity mistake: In a close-up of a photo of "Jeannie-Weannie" being held by the one of the new recruits, his left hand is holding the photo at the bottom, but when we cut to the recruit in the next shot, his left hand is now holding the photo in the middle.

New this month Continuity mistake: When one of the new recruits is sitting on his bed looking at a photo of "Jeannie-Weannie", he is wearing a shirt. But after a quick cut to Oliver, we return to the recruit and he is now wearing a vest.

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Trivia: Gordon Douglas, who later directed the 1940 Laurel and Hardy film "Saps at Sea", makes a cameo as a Ford Arid Legionnaire.

Commandant: You there, what is your number?
Stan: Hollywood-4368.

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