The Hill

The Hill (1965)

Continuity mistake: When they are all lined up for their medical inspection at the beginning of the film, the sun is coming up behind the hut casting a shadow in the front. When the Sargeant Major is then shown shouting from the hut, "I want this one (Bartlet) scrubbed with a yard broom." You can now see by the shadows that the sun is shinning directly at the hut. This would be impossible as there is only a few seconds between shots for this change to happen.

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Continuity mistake: When they are all standing on parade for Commandant's inspection, McGrath says to Roberts, "White wash Roberts. You're too damn clever by half Roberts." So by saying this he is informing us that he wasn't aware that Roberts had cleaned Steven's pack, by rubbing it on the wall. Yet, was awake the previous night and fully aware that Roberts was cleaning his kit, by rubbing it on the white washed wall.

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Continuity mistake: When the commandant comes into the prison in his jeep just after the Sergeant Major says to King: "Then you can drill with these men and you can dance over that hill with them," he takes out his pocket watch from his LEFT breast pocket to check the time the commandant arrived Up to this point, and just before this shot, his pocket watch has always been in his RIGHT breast pocket, where it remains for the rest of the film.

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