The Hill

The Hill (1965)


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Trooper Joe Roberts: So what's the charge? Failing to obey an order? Or, drunk in charge of a cigarette lighter? Oh, you crazy bastard! You'd prop up dead men and inspect them if you was ordered to.
Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Right! You're right.

Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson: Then there's the Commandant. The Commandant signs bits of paper. He'd sign his own death warrant if I gave it to him.

Jock McGrath: You're a clever bag of tricks, you are, Roberts. Not inside glasshouse half an hour and you use your bloody influence to get us a ride on the hill. Oh I bet, there's one Saturday night booze up your father's always regretted.

Trooper Joe Roberts: We're all doing time. Even the screws.

SSgt. Williams: Don't talk back, you different-coloured bastard.

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