Grudge Match

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Stallone gets hit by the UFC fighter, he doesn't see the hit coming because he gets hit from his right side. Later on, when driving his girlfriend home from the restaurant, he is still blind in his right eye and doesn't see the car coming from the right. However, during the Grudge Match, he is suddenly blind in his left eye.

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Suggested correction: Clearly, he is blind in that eye. His trainer instructs him to stand to the left and keep Kid in his line of vision with his right eye.

Lightning: Why don't you have a TV? I watch "Dancing with the Stars"! I'm an old man, I need to watch "Dancing with the Stars".

Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Why did you sleep with me?
Sally Rose: I was stupid.
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Well, girls have slept with me for less. There was this one girl slept with me, she thought I was Marv Albert. Because my haircut was different.

Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Listen, uh, your thing. Turn it down.
Lightning: Oh, the hearing aid. Goddamn thing drives me crazy, feels like R2-freaking-D2.

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Question: Right before the climatic fight, "Razor" gives a nod to Sally in the audience, then sees another guy in the audience who just smirks and flips him off. Razor just nods and smirks back at him. Who was that guy that flipped him off and why?

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Chosen answer: He is the MMA fighter that Razor punched earlier in the film during one of the fight promotions.

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