Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the funeral for the girl who died in the motorcycle accident, the supposed corpse can be seen breathing. (01:14:35)


Yamashita: People are talking.
Daigo Kobayashi: About what?
Yamashita: Get yourself a proper job.

Mika Kobayashi: So what is it?
Daigo Kobayashi: Ceremonies.
Mika Kobayashi: Like weddings? Maybe you can play cello for them. I'll get the sukiyaki ready.

Tsuyako Yamashita: Look after him. Daigo's a dear boy. He takes it all on himself. When his folks split up, he'd never cry in front of his Mum. But he would when he was alone in that bath. The poor little thing, his shoulder's shaking... So that's how he is. Please understand him.
Mika Kobayashi: I will.

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