Stupor Duck

Stupor Duck (1956)

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Continuity mistake: There is a sign saying "Project Moon - Government Rocking Testing Grounds" before the rocket is launched, but in a wide view of the rocket taking off, the sign has gone.

Continuity mistake: In a full view of the railroad trestle, you can see there is nothing by the dynamite charge. But in a close-up, a sign saying "Movie Location" suddenly appears.

Other mistake: When Stupor Duck looks into the mirror and sees that the shoulder pads on his costume are positioned incorrectly, look at the mirror and you can see that the "S" on his costume is the right way round - it should be back to front.

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Trivia: When Cluck Trent (Daffy) takes a break from writing, he pulls out from his pocket a box of "Dr. Pierce's Mild Pills" - a reference to the Warner Brothers story writer, Tedd Pierce.

Trivia: When the narrator tells the audience that Stupor Duck is able to "jump the world's tallest buildings", we see Stupor Duck near a building with a window labelled "McKimson Associates" - a reference to the Warner Brothers director, Robert McKimson.

Trivia: In the opening sequence, the announcer says that Stupor Duck is "more powerful than a steaming locomotive" and we see a barely functional train. What you actually see is a clip from the 1945 Warner Brothers cartoon, "Hare Trigger."

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