Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales (1955)

Directed by: Friz Freleng

Starring: Mel Blanc, Stan Freberg

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When Manuel takes off his sombrero to give to the other mice, you can see he has a straw in his hand, but when we see Manuel in the next shot, the straw is nowhere to be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When Speedy is bowing to the other mice when he comes back, you can there are four Sombreros behind him, but after a quick cut to Sylvester, we return to Speedy and a flower appears from nowhere.

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Continuity mistake: When we see the four mice at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is nothing behind them, but when the camera pans in on them in the next shot, a cactus and a huge rock appear from nowhere.

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Trivia: Even though this was Speedy Gonzales' second cartoon, he was re-designed after his debut in "Cat-Tails for Two" and this was the first appearance of Speedy as we know him today.

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