Chow Hound

Continuity mistake: In the overheard view of the dog grooming the cat, you can see there is nothing beside them, but in the next shot a blue ribbon suddenly appears.

Continuity mistake: When the dog is grooming the cat, the front door of the house next to them is open, but when the two are at the door a little later on, it is now closed.

Continuity mistake: The sign "Saber Toothed Alley Cattus" has nothing on it when we first see the sign at the Zoological Park, but in a close-up of the sign, there are now nails on it.

Trivia: When Butch is looking at the "Lost and Found" ads in the newspaper, some of the ads have names of Warner Brothers staff: "Vaughan" (Lloyd Vaughan), "K. Harris" (Ken Harris) and "C.M. Jones" (Chuck Jones).

Trivia: The cat does not speak until the very end of the cartoon, when he and the mouse come to see the dog on the operating table at the hospital.

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