Ballot Box Bunny

Ballot Box Bunny (1951)

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Directed by: Friz Freleng

Starring: Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family, Short

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Continuity mistake: When Yosemite Sam is doing his speech in the stand at the start of the cartoon, you can see beside him there is a stand with a jug and a glass next to it. But when we see Sam from behind in the next shot, the glass has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: When Yosemite Sam tells Bugs Bunny to stop playing his "jukey-box", you can see the glass next to the jug is on the left, but when Sam has fired his gun and Bugs has stopped play, the glass is now on the right.

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Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny is selling his box of cigars, the lid of the box is initially facing west when Yosemite Sam comes along, but a couple of shots later the lid is now facing north.

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Trivia: When we see the parade for the newly elected mayor, look in the background and you can see a building with "P. Julian" on it - a reference to the Warner Brothers background artist Paul Julian.

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Trivia: When Yosemite Sam is about to let the ants free in order to spoil Bugs' picnic, there is a large statue behind him with a plaque featuring names of Warner Brothers staff: "Batchelder" (Warren Batchelder), "Champin" (Ken Champin), "Farren" (Sid Farren), "Julian" (Paul Julian), "Nicholson" (Sam Nicholson), "Perez" (Manuel Perez), "Pratt" (Hawley Pratt) and "Ross" (Virgil Ross).

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Trivia: When Bugs is beating his drum, there is a building behind him called "Virgil Ross and Co." Ross was one of the animators for this cartoon.

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