Pigs Is Pigs

Continuity mistake: When Piggy is seated at the dinner table, there is a bowl of fruit with a yellow lid next to it, and Piggy has in front of him a plate with a spoon on one side and a knife and fork on the other. After Piggy's mother stops him from taking some fruit, we cut back to Piggy, and the bowl of fruit and yellow lid have disappeared, and he only now has a spoon by the plate.

Continuity mistake: When the pigs are saying grace at the dinner table, you can see that there is a napkin between Piggy and the pig sitting next to him, but when Piggy starts to tie the spaghetti together, a candle has suddenly appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Piggy wakes up from his nightmare and his mother tells him it's time for breakfast, the pattern on his bed headboard disappears in the next shot.

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