Plot hole: Brooklyn Mission 2: After Reed and Sue confront Ben, he smashes down a fence and takes off. Only on the other side of the fence are 3 members of the Yancy Street Gang. The fence even hits these three guys and Ben runs between them. Yet, despite the fact in the previous mission, Ben took out many of their fellow gang members, including their leader, they act like they don't even see Ben. They ignore him completely as he hits them with the fence and plows between then. And then they charge at Reed and Sue to attack, and they have never even seen Reed or Sue before, nor has any of their gang.

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Character Reed: If Reed is hurt while doing an attack that enlarges his fist, like the Stretch Punch, his arms retract to normal size, but his hand(s) remain enlarged. You'll be walking around with his body normal, but with really large fists.



Intro Mission 2: In the second room you go to, if you go to the doors right next to the security drone you can hack and turn to your side, look through the glass windows of this door. You can see two doctors, a male and female, with arms locked and making out. A funny little Easter Egg the game developers placed there.