Back To The Future: The Game

3 audio problems - chronological order

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Audio problem: Episode 2, Get Tannen: Kid starts shooting at you if you run from one place to the other. If you run from the police car to the trash cans, the muzzle flash stops half way through the shooting yet the sound of shooting is still heard.

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Audio problem: Episode 2, Get Tannen: The man at the speakeasy opens a flap to ask a question. The sound of the flap opening is heard but the sound of the flap closing isn't heard.

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Audio problem: Several lines in this game are said where the character's mouth is out of sync for at least a third of the line. Especially Doc's lines.

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Continuity mistake: Episode 1, It's About Time: Biff is first seen with the useless mind reading helmet thing Doc made. It is light grey at first. He walks and then the helmet becomes a lighter grey color.

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Trivia: After traveling to 1931 to rescue Doc, look at some of the office signs in the town square. One sign says "The Law Offices of Gale, Zemeckis and Fine." Robert Zemeckis directed the Back to the Future trilogy and Bob Gale wrote and produced it.

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