Trivia: Episode 1: It's About Time - The first part of this episode takes place on May 14, 1986. May 14 is also Robert Zemeckis' birthday. Robert Zemeckis directed the three Back To The Future movies.

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Trivia: After traveling to 1931 to rescue Doc, look at some of the office signs in the town square. One sign says "The Law Offices of Gale, Zemeckis and Fine." Robert Zemeckis directed the Back to the Future trilogy and Bob Gale wrote and produced it.

Trivia: Episode 2, Get Tannen: After the clip of Doc and Artie leaving, select "Story So Far". The time reads 10:04pm, the same time the courthouse clock got struck by lightning in the first Back To The Future movie.

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Trivia: Episode 1, It's About Time: After going to the Soup Kitchen to find out 1931 Doc works at the courthouse, return to the jail cell where old 1931 is. This isn't visible on the 4 choices you go down even after the "I saw my Grandpa!" choice. There will be a "About Kid Tannen" choice. Just wanted to let you know since it isn't visible on the 4 choices.

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