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Corrected entry: Zsasz says that he had a hand of four sixes during poker. He then says Penguin beat him with a straight... 3, 4, 5, and 6. How could Penguin have a 6? Even if he was cheating that would have invited comment, rather than the legitimate loss for Zsasz it seems to be.

Correction: That's the point of this dialogue. Penquin's reputation is such that, even when he is blatantly cheating, no one dare call him on it. Not even a psychopathic serial killer like Zsasz.

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Mr. Freeze: You will bring me Nora or you will die.



The side mission "Fragile Alliance" has Batman helping Bane destroying containers full of Titan. After destroying the containers and returning to Bane, a small fight ensues followed by a cut scene of Batman trapping Bane. Bane has the drug Venom visibly going through his body the whole time so he could easily break out, but remains trapped through the rest of the game.



Just before Protocol 10 starts, you end up in a giant fight with Joker and a good number of his goons. If you activate Detective Vision during this fight, you'll see that Joker doesn't have a skeleton. This is also true when he's holding Talia hostage in front of the move theater. This offers a hint to how the plot plays out.