Question: The main character of the game is Griffin. You play as him in campaign mode. Yet he is not a playable character in multiplayer. His brother is, but not Griffin. Anybody know why?

Quantom X

Answer: Donnie Griffin was going to be the protagonist of the un-released sequel. Presumably making him the player character in the multiplayer to this game was a set-up for the sequel.


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We are not sure how it happens, but when playing on Calumpit Chaos on the multiplayer, there is an occasional glitch where all the players get a shield around them making them invulnerable to bullets. Explosives still cause damage, but bullets make bullet hole impressions on an apparent invisible box.



In the main menu, if you press the Z button on the Game Cube version (unsure about other versions), the camera angle changes and you can view different angles of the crew working in the bridge of the battle ship.