Continuity mistake: Fellowship Of The Ring, Level 3: Weathertop - Frodo wakes up and puts out the camp fire (There is no source of light in the wide shot so it's certainly put out). But in the next shot of the hobbits, the camp fire is lit again.

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Continuity mistake: When Eowyn and Merry run up to defend Theoden from the Witch-king, they stop right by the dead horse's tail, but when the shot cuts to front view, they're suddenly in front of the horse's feet.

Continuity mistake: During the troll boss fights in the Black Gate level, the trolls' weapons often change from rock wedges on sticks to rock wedges on chains.

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Return Of The King, Level 4: The Battle Of Pelennor Fields - The orc army is approaching Minas Tirith at the start of the level clip. But as the "camera" pans around, half of the orcs literally disappear.



When Elrond is welcoming Frodo into Rivendell, a LEGO character can be seen in the background wearing a black suit and tie. The character is none other than Agent Smith from The Matrix. Agent Smith from The Matrix and Elrond were both played by Hugo Weaving.