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Corrected entry: When you leave the S.S. Aqua, the sailor lets you out. You walk up and he follows, but rather than walking, he just appears.


Correction: The sailor isn't the same one - the first just escorts you to the door.

Corrected entry: When you start a new game, the first aim is to go to Mr. Pokemon's house. In his house, you will also see Professor Oak. However, it is impossible for him to be there at this time, because when you listen to a radio in any accessible house, you will hear the Pokemon show he hosts. It is impossible for him to go to Mr. Pokemon's house this quickly (unless he has HM02, which is highly unlikely for a professor).

Correction: When you reach Kanto and go to Oak's lab, one of his assistants says that Oak's radio program is not a live show. So if you listened to Oak's radio show, they must have been pre-recorded.

Dr. James

Corrected entry: Once you defeat the Elite Four, you are crowned the champion. If this is the case, why do you have to keep defeating them to get to the Champion room?


Correction: Because the player never stays in the League as the Champion, but Lance takes the position. Red does this as well, that's why you find him on Mt. Silver at the end of the game, instead of the League.

Dr. James

Factual error: When you reach the champion in Pokemon Gold, you have to defeat his Pokemon. His 4th one, Aerodactyl, knows the move Rock Slide. Aerodactyl cannot learn this move, and it does not appear as a TM in this generation.

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Trivia: There are some secret trainers near Goldenrod City. To get to them, surf on the water next to the Daycare House. Keep going down until you reach land. These trainers have nothing special, they just train your Pokemon and give you money. However, the trainer facing up will give you Soft Sand after defeating her, which ups the power of ground moves. There is also some rare candy on the island a bit further up. It is in a tree.

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