Resident Evil: Revelations

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Other mistake: If the player tries to leave the virus tank area in the laboratory, Chris will comment "Jill, where are you going?" but the caption reads "Where are you going, Jill?"


Character mistake: During radio conversations, the BSAA operatives keep changing the way they refer to each other. Sometimes, they use real names, other times they use codenames. They should stick with one method, it doesn't make sense otherwise.


Other mistake: Upon returning to the quarter deck after the tugboat explosion, the grappling hook wires Jill and Parker arrived by can be seen stretched stiff, like they would be still connected to the boat. Since it's gone, the wires should swing freely in the wind or hang down along the side of the Zenobia.


Trivia: There are exploding barrels and canisters in the game placed in various places. Some of them has a warning sign with a word "hatari" written on them. Hatari means "danger" in Japanese (even though not the game's plot nor its setting has anything to do with Japan).


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